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very good animation

anyone else getting the pedophile vibe from the pumpkin man. just saying, it sweet has a new story and showed that it can bite you in the ass to pick on little kids.

the song during credits was better

clap clap that was so beautiful man

JayCurren responds:

Thank you!!!


and then he made million in the porn industry and was in hundreds of japanese movies,

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Air + Car= Airplane
Fire + Water= Alcohol
Human + Alcohol= Alcoholic
Human + Vodka= Alcoholic
Human + Beer= Alcoholic
Tree + Fire= Ash
Wood + Fire= Ash
Dragon + Hunter= Ash
Human + Poisoned Weapon= Assassin
Swamp + Life= Bacteria
Earth + Lizard= Beast
Alcohol + Wheat= Beer
Earth + Worm= Beetle
Egg + Air= Bird
Dinosaur + Human= Blood
Beast + Human= Blood
Wood + Water= Boat
Metal + Steam= Boiler
Feather + Paper= Book
Dough + Fire= Bread
Clay + Fire= Bricks
Air + Worm= Butterfly
Oil + Cart= Car
Wood + Wheel= Cart
Clay + Limestone= Cement
Clay + Human= Ceramics
Beast + Cart= Chariot
Paper + Tobacco= Cigarette
Swamp + Sand= Clay
Fabric + Human= Clothes
Tree + Fire= Coal
Wood + Fire= Coal
Water + Cement= Concrete
Fire + Human= Corpse
Human + Poison= Corpse
Wizard + Energy= Demigod
Earth + Egg= Dinosaur
Fish + Beast= Dolphin
Human + Beast= Domestic Animal
Water + Flour= Dough
Dinosaur + Fire= Dragon
Air + Earth= Dust
Life + Stone= Egg
Metal + Energy= Electricity
Tools + Wool= Fabric
Bird + Hunter= Feather
Moss + Swamp= Fern
Domestic Animal + Grass= Fertiliser
Earth + Tools= Field
Stone + Stone= Fire
Weapon + Gunpowder= Firearm
Plankton + Bacteria= Fish
Stone + Wheat= Flour
Ship + Fabric= Frigate
Life + Ash= Ghost
Zombie + Corpse= Ghoul
Fire + Sand= Glass
Clay + Life= Golem
Earth + Moss= Grass
Saltpeter + Sulphur= Gun Powder
Warrior + Dragon= Hero
Bricks + Concrete= House
Life + Beast= Human
Human + Weapon= Hunter
Stone + Human= Hut
Fire + Earth= Lava
Energy + Swamp= Life
Shell + Stone= Limestone
Egg + Swamp= Lizard
Steam Engine + Cart= Locomotive
Human + Domestic Animal= Meat
Beast + Human= Meat
Bird + Hunter= Meat
Fire + Stone= Metal
Human + Domestic Animal= Milk
Domestic Animal + Grass= Milk
Swamp + Weeds= Moss
Earth + Weeds= Mushroom
Water + Coal= Oil
Tools + Reed= Paper
Bird + Fire= Pheonix
Bacteria + Water= Plankton
Tools + Scorpion= Poison
Poison + Weapon= Poisoned Weapon
Swamp + Grass= Reed
Limestone + Fertiliser= Saltpeter
Water + Stone= Sand
Beetle + Sand= Scorpion
Grass + Grass= Seeds
Life + Sand= Seeds
Human + Human= Sex
Plankton + Stone= Shell
Wood + Boat= Ship
House + Glass= Skyscraper
Swamp + Worm= Snake
Sand + Worm= Snake
Water + Air= Steam
Boiler + Coal= Steam Engine
Ship + Steam Engine= Steam Ship
Air + Lava= Stone
Air + Energy= Storm
Bacteria + Swamp= Sulphur
Water + Earth= Swamp
Bird + Storm= Thunderbird
Fire + Grass= Tobacco
Human + Metal= Tools
Tree + Life= Treant
Earth + Seeds= Tree
Egg + Sand= Turtle
Human + Blood= Vampire
Alcohol + Water= Vodka
Weapon + Hunter= Warrior
Tools + Metal= Weapon
Life + Water= Weeds
Beast + Vampire= Werewolf
Beast + Water= Whale
Seeds + Field= Wheat
Wood + Tools= Wheel
Human + Energy= Wizard
Tree + Tools= Wood
Human + Domestic Animal= Wool
Beast + Hunter= Wool
Bacteria + Swamp= Worm
Plankton + Earth= Worm

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not quite

it does not work the shooting and u get stuck at door.

its ok

but its a dress up game there are way to many

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very nice

i like it and it reminds me of the old crash games.




it stnks but it was kind of funny.

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